Argentine govt. agency rules against ‘gay cure’ event

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by Rex Wockner

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The Argentine Justice Ministry’s National Institute Against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism has ruled that a “gay cure” conference in Cordoba engaged in prohibited discrimination by implying that gays are sick.
Acting on a complaint filed by gay activist Victor Bracuto against the Integra Group Foundation, INADI determined that “holding a conference on sexual health, which has among its objectives ‘curing the homosexual,’ is discriminatory in terms of article 1 of Law 23,592.”
INADI interpreted that law’s ban on discrimination based on sex as including sexual orientation and explained: “Homophobia is defined as intolerance or scorn toward gays and lesbians. That is to say, discrimination, hate, fear, prejudice or aversion against homosexual persons.”
The law states in part, “Anyone who arbitrarily impedes, obstructs, restricts or otherwise impairs the full exercise on an equal basis of the fundamental rights and guarantees recognized in the National Constitution will be compelled, at the request of the victim, to nullify the discriminatory act or cease its execution and to repair the moral injury and material damage.”
INADI’s determination in the case is nonbinding and Bracuto said he plans no further legal moves.
The ruling by itself, he said, was “a historical development not only in Argentina but perhaps also in Latin America and the world.”

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