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Who Should Straddle Whom?

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1 Emulates a market bear
6 Nick was his master
10 Visit Barneys, e.g.
14 Long, loose garment
15 Rock Hudson role, usually
16 Come down in buckets
17 Start of a quip
19 Sondheim’s ” ___ the Woods”
20 Author of the quip
22 Advice columnist Savage
25 “Count me out!” and “Over my dead body!”
26 Fit your first mate’s mast again
27 Zip
29 Storage places
31 “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” singer
32 Long, hard one of construction workers
34 More of the quip
40 German sub
41 Debtor’s slips
43 Photojournalist Kay
47 Dave Pallone, once
49 Roll with the punches
50 Emerald isle
52 U-turn from SSW
53 More of the quip
57 Lanchester of “Bride of Frankenstein”
58 End of the quip
62 NY Met or LA Dodger
63 Tylenol target
64 Janis Ian’s “Between the ___”
65 Take care of
66 Barrie buccaneer
67 Coward’s milieu


1 Bio. or chem.
2 One who wears very little clothing
3 Sodomite of the Bible
4 Cowardly lion actor
5 On the slopes
6 Eternally, to a poet
7 Looks like
8 Willow’s female lover
9 Chick’s suffix
10 Steeple toppers
11 Novelist de Balzac
12 First word in Richard Hatch’s motto
13 They’re used in forking around
18 Choose not to come
21 Acid relief, in brief
22 In excelsis ___
23 “Diana” singer
24 “Chicago” co-producer Meron
28 Vintage wheels
29 Boston cager, for short
30 Perry Mason’s field
32 Judy or Barbra, for example
33 Ewe said it!
35 Relish
36 “May ___ of service?”
37 Confetti-throwing comedian Taylor
38 Kind of cloth
39 “Doggone!”
42 Cole Porter’s “___ America First”
43 Sing the blues
44 Nutrition writer Davis
45 “Living Upstairs” writer Joseph
46 Onward partner
47 “Exodus” author Leon
48 Olympic awards for Louganis
50 Izzard of stand-up and more
51 Cara of “Fame”
54 Uncle Sam’s mail org.
55 Neeson of “Kinsey”
56 Emulate Jon Barrett
59 Crime lab study
60 Triangle side
61 Tongue ending

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