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By Bebe Zahara Benet

After a week’s hiatus, it’s wonderful to be with you again! It’s week five of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and if things weren’t competitive enough for you before, they certainly are now. I chatted with California girl – and Scotland native – Morgan McMichaels, whose fashion-forward take on wedding couture landed her in the bottom two, and ultimately made her the queen slated to sashay away.
Morgan admits she started her drag artistry because she loved the attention, but over time her punk-rock glam persona has grown fierce.
“It’s become more of an art form for me,” she revealed. “It’s like a personal challenge. It’s not about the attention anymore. It’s a chance to be creative, to get on stage and let people see how you express yourself. I feel you can get a lot of important messages through your performance.”
I loved the fact that Morgan spoke out so strongly about the civil right of marriage during the bride competition. “How dare you tell me I can’t marry the person I love,” Morgan said. “The gay community has taken a massive hit, but we’re the ones that cuts everyone’s hair. How about a day without a gay? Women would go crazy.”
While many of the girls openly expressed their issues with fellow contestant Tyra, Morgan said they had a mutual respect for each other. “I think Tyra comes from a side if the country where drag is not to be messed around with,” Morgan explained. “Girls from the East Coast are very pageant oriented.”
As a fellow pageant queen, I relate. But Morgan noted Tyra’s behavior is something she might grow out of. “Tyra is very unapologetic,” Morgan added. “But that’s an age thing. When we’re young we don’t want to hear how we have to change. I know I was there. There was nothing you could tell me about my drag. Once Tyra opens up to people, she will be 10 times the queen she is today.”
Morgan admits she was shocked when she made the bottom two. “When they told me I was very costume, I was confused,” she said, arguing the previous week Tatiana was criticized for not being costume-y enough. But she accepted it and moved on. Morgan revealed the reason she started laughing was a nervous reaction. “You can laugh or cry, and I’m not a big crier,” she said.
Unlike some past lip-syncs, Morgan was not going to cartwheel in her tight-fitting dress. “My feet were not going to leave the stage,” she said. “They are not there to see you jump around, they are there to see you lip-sync for your life.”
Kudos to Morgan for doing what she had to do and making her statement on stage! Being true to yourself in drag and in your beliefs is a priceless commodity in a queen. Catch “RuPaul’s Drag Race” at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) every Monday night on Logo and visit to find out about viewing parties in your area. Until next week, kisses and equality!

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