Voices From an Urban Bush Sista: Celebrating Herstory

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By C. Imani Williams

As we enter into wimmen’s herstory month I say “congratulations.” As sistas in a still very male-dominated, patriarchal society, we thrive. As wimmen we often offer and sometimes find a myriad of mystical sage to get from one glorious step to the next.
Life sometimes isn’t ready for our collective swiftness, energy and ability to rise above obstacles that block and hold our creativity and passions hostage. We have made it through breakdowns, breakthroughs and breakouts to learn, find, embrace and live our purpose. The struggle isn’t always easy and the journey is smoother for some than others. Just as we all have human hearts and share secrets of the womb, our innate ability to survive as queens is beautiful.
The road is sometimes tumultuous as we balance family and work while doing our self work. If we are striving to be our best selves, that work has to be done. Sometimes retraining is needed so that we give ourselves permission to put our needs first. This is easier said than done in a culture that still expects wimmin to always be the constant and continuous caregivers and nurturers. We have to make time for self while being mama, wife/partner, daughter, etc.
I’m of the opinion that 2009 changed so much for so many of us; that we have to be positive about 2010 in order to push through. I know that this rings true for me. I can’t and don’t look at life the same. I certainly don’t take as much for granted. God’s grace holds us all and also gives us each the light to look inward and recognize our beauty, goodness, grace as well as our reason for breathing.
Do you yet know your purpose – I mean the real one? Not the surface one we present as ‘street cred’ in the modern Facebook/MySpace/Twitter or church/work/playgroup scenarios. I mean the one where you go in and get with the Creator and get so still that the chance of misunderstanding is slim. I’m talking about that ‘one,’ the purpose where if you didn’t have your stable, good job with benefits, you might pursue it.
It is a new day, sistas, and change is coming. It is so close you can feel the energy and some days when you’re on and talking to another sista who is feeling the vibe of doing it a different way because it is simply way past time to do so, it takes you somewhere.

I have just a bit of advice. Get you some of that good positive energy. Embrace like minded spirits, those with goals and some sass that enjoy living to the fullest.
I’m en route to my 46th year of life and I want different. I want better, I want to be better. Reach beyond the mudane. Get into me. That is the ticket. If we all get into our best selves and work it like we know who we are, we can’t lose.
Lifting someone else lifts you. We give much time to planning, scheduling and arranging things for everyone and people think we’re just “great at that thing.” Do some of that for you. It feels daymn good. When we share our blessings that come from taking the time to be all we can be and let our stuff shine, shimmy and shake, we glow. It looks good as we walk the entrepreneurial, community and corporate tracks. Tuning into self and spirit allows us to embrace each day knowing our true gifts are being shared with passion, compassion and love.
It is an awesome time to be a woman. We are knocking down doors and walls. We are talking cross culturally – finally. These conversations are long overdue and bring light and awareness to the things that connect and unite us as wimmin. It is a beautiful thing.
While speaking on cross-cultural and race connections, I’d like to congratulate the Sprite: ‘Step Off’ 2010 winners, the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha, for winning the $100,000 scholarship, first place prize. These wimmin broke a barrier. They brought their best and took home the money. From the “boos” from the audience I gathered that some African Americans had a problem with this white, non Pan-Hellenic sorority, winning. Pan Hellenic Council is made up of the “Divine Nine” original Black Greek Organizations. The winners took, and perfected those sacred moves that should be better protected.
Moving forward, it is time to embrace diversity ya’ll. Really. I am a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. for life. We took second. Zeta Tau Alpha, Epsilon Chapter put Arkansas and their yard on the map. Herstory.
Let us join together in honoring women worldwide past and present gay, straight, in between and those on the fringes who have loved self enough to embrace life and make this journey a more enriching experience. Raise your lighters and we can make 2010 unforgettable.
Enjoy the month – find an activity that celebrates who we are and take a friend.

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