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S/he said: Azad, David Mixner, Simon Strikeback

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compiled by Howard Israel

“I didn’t want to overwhelm them or make them have to deal with this thing that they didn’t ask for. But then I realize that that’s an illogical thought because I, too, didn’t ask to be transgender, but we are who we are and the truths of our lives are still the truths of our lives and the best we can do is to embrace them, work with them and grow stronger and into more full individuals. Sure, there are times when the process of transitioning is frustrating and I wish that I had just been born as a cisgendered male, but then I realize that I am who I am and that my experience is authentically my own and I’ve learned a lot from being a transguy that I don’t think I would have appreciated without the experience of transitioning. I think as time goes on, they will more fully appreciate my experience and also their own. And it will be something that has added to the fullness and strength of our relationships to each other, and that’s something worth working for.”
– Azad, 21-year-old transboi, on his blog titled “Update on the Home Front,” about coming out to his family,, March 16.

“Seems to me that we need a ‘return’ policy to those members of the LGBT community that actually come out and harm us. For example, I would love to return to the straight community two recent arrivals: California State Sen. Roy Ashburn, who was ‘outed’ by his drunk driving, should be sent right back to the straight community. Same can be said of Congressman Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) who is clearly gay and looney! What self respecting gay man would be upset at seeing Rahm naked? Send him back to his straight buddies so he can continually ‘tickle’ them!”
– David Mixner, in his blog,, March 11.

“The potentially lucrative market for gay weddings is tough to resist. The average heterosexual wedding cost $19,000 in 2009, according to the Wedding Report, a market research firm, though the average in the District was closer to $40,000. The Williams Institute study, issued last spring, predicted that nearly 2,000 District couples would marry if the option were available, generating about $18 million in new spending and $1 million in sales tax revenue over three years. The bigger windfall is expected to come from out-of-state couples – particularly from New York – seeking to get married in the nation’s capital. The report estimated 12,500 such couples would travel to the District in three years, boosting the economy by $34.3 million and contributing $3.8 million in taxes. A 2004 Congressional Budget Office report estimated that legalizing same-sex marriage across the country would generate about $1 billion annually in new federal revenue through taxes and other fees.”
– From the article titled “Gay Marriages Expected to Create Wedding-related Jobs in D.C.,” about same-sex marriage being legal in Washington D.C.,, March 10.

“We made a film about people, not tragedy. Not everyone does trans in the same way. Even in the same community, there are different experiences.”
– Simon Strikeback, of the Chicago-based acoustic duo “Actor Slash Model,” about the band’s newest project, “Riot Acts,” which highlights trans and gender variant musicians in the indie music scene., March 8.

“President Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats are quietly rushing through legislation that would actually bring cross-dressing teachers into your child’s classroom. Under the so-called, Employment Non-Discrimination Act, your children will be trapped in classes taught by drag queens and transgender activists. Students will be indoctrinated that ‘alternative lifestyles’ are no different than traditional lifestyles. Young children will be forced to learn about bizarre sexual fetishes – and you will have no say in the matter. It is already happening in some states and concerned parents can’t do a thing about it – until now.”
– From the Traditional Values Coalition’s recently launched Web site,, which includes a petition to protest the bill’s passage.

“Republicans retreat from their harshest ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ rhetoric, Democrats cower and bigots are given airtime, all while a pointless yearlong study is launched. Haven’t we been here before? National LGBT groups need to make the argument to the White House and the Democratic leadership that fighting for something you believe in … will actually earn you votes and energize your base. But, as usual, these groups likely are too afraid of angering the White House and losing access.”
– Michelangelo Signorile in his article “The War at Home,” about the current efforts to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,”, April 2010.

“I went right up to the woman with the sign that read ‘FAGS ARE BEASTS,’ wearing an apron with a Star of David drenched in blood, reading ‘Jews Killed Jesus.’ ‘What do you want, fag?’ she inquired across the barrier. ‘I was wondering why you believe what you do.’ ‘About fags?’ ‘About Jesus, actually. Why do you believe in him?’ ‘Fag, I don’t care what you think.’ ‘Please tell me why you believe in God.’ ‘Because, fag, after you die and are dragged before the Heavenly Throne of Judgment, God is gonna drop-kick your dirty crap-stained ass straight into Hell.’ And there you had it. ‘You mean the reason you believe in God is because he’s going to torture me for eternity?’ And the sweet old lady grinned broadly. ‘Exactly,’ she said.”
– Simon Sheppard, in his column titled “God Hates You, God Hates Me, We’re a Happy Fa-mi-ly,” about a series of demonstrations in the San Francisco area by members of the Westboro Baptist Church to protest the production of “Fiddler on the Roof,”, Feb. 8.

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