Hate (and acceptance) in Holland

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The Holland Sentinel website has been packed with discussions about gay issues, revealing what Holland residents think about the topic. A sampling of some of the comments:

“Without question the Hollywood movie industry mocks Christianity and portrays Jesus Christ in the most perverted ways imaginable. (Maybe) Dustin Lance Black can give us his views on the desecration of Jesus Christ by the industry which has given him an Academy Award.”
– Rob Zaagman

“Reason tells us sexual orientation is not a choice. It is something we cannot change, and gay individuals have the same need to love and be loved as heterosexuals. Reason also informs us that when you tell gay persons they cannot be who they are and deny them loving relationships, the denials dehumanize them, opening the door for mistreatment that occasionally results in death.”
– Don Berman

“The gay community wants us out of their bedrooms … Fine, I want the gay community out of my living room, off my TV, and out of my schools. It’s time the gay community started loving the Church community as much as it loves them. If loving the person but hating the Sin is not good enough for you, … tough … it’s time for you to get over it.”
– Unheard Voice

“Just as the message of the bible has been used to justify slavery, polygamy, the subjugation of women, etc. It is now being perverted to support discrimination against gays.”
– Senor Lalo

“I too am a Hope College alumnus, and in August 2001 I (expressed) concern about (whether it was) Hope’s intent to be an institution of higher education or a haven for homosexuals … . It is not an institution for the youth of today to promote a diversity of principles bases on today’s broad secular philosophies. They should be there to learn, not promote their worldly desires.”
– Don Barkel

“Sorry, homosexuality is a SIN. Don’t like that? Tough. No, I don’t hate homosexuals. I pity them.”
– Rights Watcher

“It is sad to see Holland and Hope residents to be so angry towards each other. Some of you think homosexuality is a sin, some don’t. You all have reasons to why it is or isn’t a sin, but isn’t it more important to remember that we are called to LOVE others? We are called to care and show compassion and support for others?”
– Hopestudent12

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