After Thwarted Kidnapping Plans, Whitmer Calls for Unity

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer addressed the State of Michigan after a plan to kidnap her and other Michigan government officials was thwarted by state and federal law enforcement agencies. She started by saying thank you to law enforcement and FBI agents who participated in stopping this [...]


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1 Dick Button’s field
8 Virginia Woolf novel
15 A soft drink may have one
16 More like Albert in “The Birdcage”
17 What drawers do
18 Lost one’s cool
19 Rd. for a mail carrier
20 With 38-Across, Harmsen’s T-shirt motto
23 Chemical ending
24 Queen, to a dealer
26 “You’ve Got Mail” director Nora
27 Body passageway
28 Come next
30 Part of DOS (abbr.)
31 “Great balls of fire!”
32 Short-order sandwich for porkers?
34 Summer zodiac sign
35 Boob tubes
38 See 20-Across or 57-Across
43 Boxing ref’s end to a butt-whipping
46 Offend the olfactories
48 “Put roses on the piano and ___ on the organ”
49 Harmsen of this puzzle’s theme
50 Series ender
51 Weapons for Buffy
52 R.E.M.’s “The ___ Love”
53 Land of Margaret Cho’s ancestors
55 A Brit soldier may shoot it off
56 Didst reside
57 After 38-Across, Harmsen’s mother’s motto
60 Copland, for example
63 Cheapen
67 Hans Christian Andersen’s naked marcher
68 Of the seventh planet or a Kinsey 6
69 Removable section of “Genre”
70 Caters basely


1 Hard to come by
2 “Gay Hitler” actor Chris
3 Changes a suit
4 Rocky crag
5 Concerns of
6 Area of expertise
7 Edith Head outfits, e.g.
8 Hoofing it
9 “The L Word” episode, e.g.
10 Cruise obnoxiously
11 Canine care org.
12 La Femme of espionage
13 Signed over
14 Info for waiters
21 Gay Talese’s ” ___ Neighbor’s Wife”
22 Periods that last 525,600 min.
25 Tap the shoulder of one kneeling in front of you
27 “Where did ___ wrong?”
29 Fairy’s cousin
31 Comics cry
33 Skin designs, for short
34 Bad bottom-line news
35 Sci-fi sky journey
36 Kill, as a bill
37 Mark with a branding iron
39 Circumcise?
40 Tickle pink
41 Took part in an AIDS ride
42 Let one’s guard down
43 Piercing part
44 Faint, with “over”
45 What tail
47 “Grease” director Randal
49 Dike’s protect it
54 Elroy Jetson stroked him
56 Piece in the parlor
58 Long pants, for short
59 Wang in fashion
60 Ran into
61 ___ Zion church
62 Air quality watchdog org.
64 Stay in bed, or say, perhaps, “You were great in bed!”
65 Egypt and Syr., once
66 Printer’s measures

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