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Parting Glances: Who says it’s alien abduction? (Pt. 2)

By | 2018-01-15T22:59:14-05:00 July 22nd, 2010|Opinions|

I’ve learned from a gay friend of a gayer friend that a Windy City drag queen, Cheeks La Beverage, was abducted by aliens two years ago.
Miss La Beverage was broad-beamed aboard a UFO, surgically examined and dumped on the Oak Street Beach, New Year’s Day.
She swears she hadn’t been drinking or pilling, but awoke minus bird-seed-filled falsies which – flickering last images in her violated mind – the aliens were totally (and irately) baffled by.
After her UFO seduction she gave up showbiz for good, got saved and now works for a Southern Baptist travel agency for minimum wage. “There’s a possibility I might have been demon possessed,” she frets.
The most famous UFO abduction happened in 1961 to married couple Betty and Barney Hill. Their encounter was made into a 1975 TV movie starring James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons. It was the Hills who first called the aliens Greys. It’s stuck.
The Hills, in their mid-40s, were driving late at night along a familiar route that usually took under an hour to travel. They realized once home that three hours had elapsed, with mental blank spaces they couldn’t account for.
Each experienced troubling dreams, vivid nightmares of intrusion, so much so they sought psychiatric help. Under hypnosis – supposedly separate from each other – their mutual uncanny alien abduction tale unfolded.
In turn, the story got wide media coverage, dozens of fascinating interviews, New Age magazine articles, a first-hand encounter book, and decades of follow up, with retelling embellishment by Betty and Barney, both of whom recently left our earthly plane for cosmic afterlife considerations.
Since Betty and Barney, there have been hundreds of reported similar abductions. Cases have been documented by “authority” Budd Hopkins, Whitley Strieber (himself encountering Greys) and Harvard psychiatrist John Mack. (Mack’s credentials are impeccable: over 150 scientific articles and a Pulitzer Prize.)
Dr. Mack became interested in alien abduction in the late 1980s, interviewed over 800 abductees, organized a 1992 MIT five-day conference to discuss the topic. His books on the topic still sell well. “I believe in the possibility of aliens,” he said.
On the subject of UFOs, my photographer/artist friend S. Kay Young says she’s had a recent UFO encounter. Her e-mail: “In April of this year, my niece and I went to Ferris State to pick up her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend. School was over ’til fall.
“It was about 10:30 p.m. We were traveling on 94 e-way – pitch black – stars – no moon – only farm country. To our left we saw what appeared to be a tower with three red lights in the shape of a triangle and two white lights between, except it moved.
“The lights followed us – no sounds – seemingly able to stop on a dime – move straight up and straight down. I looked out the van window. It was a HUGE ship – the size of both sides of the e-way AND the median. It was directly above the van traveling with us, but in a pattern unlike an earth ship could move. Its lights were amazingly bright.
“I had my head hanging out the window. UFO was the shape of a stealth bomber but of an alloy I had never seen. Silent, and with a very tight lighting pattern carved into the alloy. As it passed over us – mind you I didn’t even have time to grab my camera – as the end of the ship passed over – NOTHING! No sound. No lights – didn’t go up or over or back – just disappeared.
“Three witnesses! The young ones were frightened. I was amazed. Thankful for the sighting. Beautiful.”
Been alien put upon lately? Share at (Tell ’em Cheeks LaBeverage sent ya! Bird seed optional.)

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