Viewpoint: The Gentle Art of Vitamin Supplements

Charles Alexander
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I haven’t had a cold in over 15 years. For my age (I could be somebody’s grandfather or gay great, great uncle), my muscles, joints, heart, lungs are ship-shape.
I walk everywhere. In warm weather I bike a dozen miles a day. I lift weights. My energy level’s about the same it was when I was a knockout 37 (unfortunately then a heavy drinker; but fortunately, a nonsmoker).
It was during my alcohol addiction recovery that I learned the importance of taking vitamin supplements. As to that art, may I ever so gently recommend the following as health-supporting, energy-enhancing, stress-reducing, and economically available (for the most part) for purchase in better health stores.
Cod Liver Oil: Years ago a teacher came into my curriculum lab work area. Her complaint was arthritis and rheumatism. I suggested she take a daily tablespoon of cod liver oil. “You’ll notice a difference in two months,” I said. She told me a year later that her arthritis/rheumatism no longer bothered her.
Omega-3 or flaxseed oil also does the trick. Great for cutting down on cholesterol.
I attribute the fact that I haven’t had a cold in years to taking a daily tablespoon cod liver oil. The oil gets into the blood stream and coats any ‘bugs’ that might be floating through, keeping them from replicating. Cod liver oil’s also excellent for heart, lungs and skin. A month’s supply runs about $10 a bottle. Our moms knew a thing or two in their day.
Vitamins: Most people who take supplements take the one-a-day brands. Minimum daily requirements, as determined by so-called health experts. Yet, from my experience, for vitamin supplements to be really effective, higher milligram dosages are required.
One of the best all-purpose packages is offered by Enzymatic Therapy, and developed by a clinical research physician. In addition to vitamins C, D and E, the Bs are comprehensive. Included also are full-spectrum bodybuilding amino acids. Price is a bit high. ($15 to $19, for a week’s supplements.)
For those in the market for more a more affordable daily regimen, there’s Twin Labs Two-A-Day, one at breakfast, one at dinner. A 90-capsule bottle (with or without iron) is $20.
My own daily supplement program includes two ginger, two cinnamon and one cayenne pepper capsule. The special benefits of this health-enhancing mixture can be researched in a number of supplement health guides.
If you’re a senior and want to look and act 10 years younger, you might consider the human growth replacement formula developed by Dr. Vincent G. Giampapa, M.D. He’s a founding member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.
I’ve been using his Secretagogue Gold for about two years now and it’s made a very big difference in how I think, feel and act. Emotionally. Energetically. Intellectually. However! It’s not cheap. A month’s supply runs between $70 and $90. It’s worth every penny.
May I wish you good health in your physical journey through life with a requisite disclaimer: “Advice therewith contained above, given from one LGBT person of advanced age to another of undetermined age, is not meant to be a substitute for medical intervention, treatment, unforeseen hospitalization, or health-carrier six-digit billing, the result of living in the fast lane, or burning one’s Roman candle at both ends.”

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