Mexico City mayor sues Guadalajara bishop for defamation

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The mayor of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard, has sued the Roman Catholic bishop of Guadalajara, Juan Sandoval Iniguez, for saying that the Mexican Supreme Court was bribed by Ebrard and others to approve Mexico City’s law that legalized gay marriage and adoption. The court also ruled that Mexico City same-sex marriages are valid nationwide.
“I don’t think the judges would arrive at such absurd conclusions, against the sentiment of the Mexican public, without there being very big motives, and the very big motive may be the money that they are given,” Sandoval said.
Ebrard filed a civil suit in the Supreme Court claiming defamation. The archdiocese responded that it has proof to back up Sandoval’s claim.
“When the cardinal was talking, he didn’t do it just to hear himself speak,” said a spokesman.
“Check their bank accounts,” Sandoval himself said later.
In the original outburst, Sandoval reportedly also called homosexuality an aberration and said, “Would you want to be adopted by a pair of faggots or lesbians?”

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