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S/he said: Ex-gay therapy, Stonewall and Miss Universe

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Compiled by Howard Israel

“I think we should just try to make heterosexual divorce illegal.”
– Filmmaker John Waters, known for “Hairspray” and “Pink Flamingos,” discussingachieving marriage equality, Associated Press, Sept. 12.

“In the unscientific, unregulated underworld of ex-gay therapy, frauds and hacks of all stripes are getting away with any kind of ‘therapy’ they can think up. Make no mistake: every major, reputable professional psychological and medical association has stated that not only is there no evidence supporting the possibility of changing somebody’s sexual orientation, but that such programs harm those involved.”
– Ted Cox, in an article titled “6 Ways Religious Frauds Try to Make Gays and Lesbians Straight,”, Aug. 30.

“My father championed free speech. He would be the first to say that those participating in Beck’s rally have the right to express their views. But his dream rejected hateful rhetoric and all forms of bigotry or discrimination, whether directed at race, faith, nationality, sexual orientation or political beliefs. He envisioned a world where all people would recognize one another as sisters and brothers in the human family.”
– Martin Luther King III, in his column titled “Still striving for MLK’s dream in the 21st century,” regarding Glenn Beck’s recent Restoring Honor rally,, Aug. 25.

“If what I did helped gay people, then I’m glad.”
– Seymour Pine, the New York City police vice squad commander who led eight officers into the Stonewall Inn in 1969, touching off the Stonewall Rebellion, quoted in his obituary,, Sept. 7.

“We have to respect what each human being decides to do with their lives. … I don’t believe it’s just to discriminate somebody based on the gender they prefer – based on the partner they choose to select, if it’s a man or a woman. The truth is that I am absolutely against discrimination. I have many friends who are homosexual and I adore them. There is no reason we should want to set them aside; there is no reason why we shouldn’t let them enjoy what they want to enjoy with their partner.”
– Jimena Navarrete, Miss Mexico of Guadalajara, recently crowned Miss Universe 2010, on Mexican radio, asked about same-sex marriage,, Sept. 1.

“The LGBT community knows exactly what intolerance looks like, whether it be burning the Koran or banning children’s books about same-sex marriage. We have been – and, in many parts of the world, still are – persecuted because of who we are and who we love. In the nine years since the 9-11 attacks, Muslims have become the new faces to hate. Bigots always need a scapegoat.”
– In an editorial titled “Burning the Koran,” about the Gainesville, Fla., church that called for a “Burn the Koran Day,” the same church that targeted the city’s new mayor with a sign that read: “No homo mayor,” Bay Area Reporter, Sept. 9.

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