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Isle Say!

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1 They poke around in leather
5 Shakespeare sprite
9 P-town beach sights
14 One of the Huxtables
15 Auth. unknown
16 Bucky Beaver’s toothpaste
17 Anthropologist Margaret
18 “Aida” backdrop
19 Barber belt
20 Start of a question
23 Military cross-dresser of Arc
24 Sharers’ word
25 Narrows down
28 Study groups
33 CK One emanation
34 Bitches
35 Moo ___ pork
36 End of the question
40 U-turn from SSW
41 Network of “Wedding Wars”
42 Stallion’s supper
43 Alpha Chi Upsilon, for example
45 Type of fair
47 Von Trapp’s rank
48 Sow’s mate
49 Answer to the question
55 Hot stuff
56 O.K. Corral gunfighter
57 Got a little behind
59 Composer Copland
60 Pay your share, with “up”
61 Don’t go straight
62 Quarterback Favre
63 Cowardly lion actor
64 Disturbance at a spa


1 It swallows plastic
2 “That was close!”
3 “Starting Over” bisexual
4 One who serves drinks with foamy heads
5 Bear-like creatures
6 It could be civil
7 Revolver inventor
8 Felt in your bones
9 Drag outfit, in “Some Like It Hot”
10 Rise, after a fall
11 ___ a soul
12 Hazzard County deputy
13 Suck the energy from
21 Mountain top
22 Sex appeal
25 Cherry Grove and Ogunquit
26 Hersey’s bell town
27 Gondola guy
28 Broadway musical pet
29 Art Deco design name
30 Lake Nasser dam
31 “Gone with the Wind” character
32 Like soap operas
34 Relief of Lincoln
37 Makeup for one of the Village People
38 Cole Porter’s “Katie Went to ___”
39 Checkers comment
44 Forest feline
45 Chris of “American Beauty”
46 Bonehead
48 Where to have a moving experience in bed?
49 “___ she blows!”
50 Put on the staff
51 Big top barker
52 Chloe’s role in “Boys Don’t Cry”
53 Blown away
54 Pine for
55 Where a trucker parks his bottom
58 In need of a lube

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