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How excited are you about DADT?!
I served for 17 1/2 years in the Air Force prior to recently being medically retired. This wonderful news brings gladness to my heart where all can serve their country equally – no more closets, no more fake dates, no more “roommates.” No more fighting this system and trying to open the eyes of others without risking one’s own career. We are not, however, done until we can freely marry and be acknowledged by the U.S. government. Keep up the good fight!
-Steph Maxson
As the daughter of a career military officer, WWII veteran, & “I Like Ike” Republican, it makes me proud. Damn well time.
-Cindy Clardy

Jodie Foster, Kevin Spacey and now John Travolta: Is it OK to out someone just because they’re famous?
Another way to look at that question is: Is it OK to help someone continue to perpetuate the idea that being gay is negative just because they’re famous?
-Craig Anderson
It’s never OK to out someone, that is a personal choice, doing so only makes the person who is outing look vindictive.
-Robert Bayn

Should the state offer health benefits to unmarried partners?
Get rid of all tax benefits to any married couple – this will end the discrimination. Why should two people get a legal tax break just for living together? Shouldn’t the single income household that pays out the same in rent and mortgage as a “married” couple with two incomes? I’d say the single people are the ones being discriminated against because we don’t have a spouse. We get no tax breaks and yet we are paying the same amount on housing with only one income.
-Keith Mercier
Gosh, I wonder how your readers are going to answer this. Hmm. How about hell yes they should!
-David Paul Rudzinski

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