Heard on Facebook: Should Michigan have a statewide anti-bullying law for schools?

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Yes, it absolutely should! Parents should be the front line, but that isn’t happening, nor is it going to change overnight. I have kids in kindergarten to high school but our school district does not take bullying seriously – I mean at all. If there were a law they would be forced to take parental concerns under consideration, instead of feeding us the “kids will be kids” line. Bullying has cost too many their lives and self esteem. Collectively we need to make a stand against this offensive behavior. This law would send a clear message to the schools that bullying is a serious issue that needs to be addressed on a daily basis.
-Cheryl Nolan Hooten
No. It’s the responsibility of the parents to teach their kids not to bully, and how to handle bullying. It’s not the job of the government. Bullying has always existed and will not stop just because there is a law. Education is better than making a new law.
-Jay Topham
Yes, because sadly too many parents fail in their responsibility to teach their children right from wrong. Many times the parents were, and are, bullies themselves. I agree with Jay that no law will stop the bully but if enough of them are punished, maybe the rest will get the idea it isn’t right.
-Jack Miller
Getting parents, friends, and teachers to be aware of and involved in situations – as necessary – doesn’t require a new law. Kids need to be taught how to handle the bullies, ’cause they will encounter them for the rest of their lives. Don’t stalking, assault and battery laws already cover most of the very worst behaviors?
-Alex Hardesty
Jack and Alex make very good points, though with a majority of both parents needing to work to make ends meet, it’s getting difficult.
-Jim Bale

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