Dear person(s) who steal BTL from public places

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We hope that stealing stacks of BTL newspapers gives you the same rush of excitement that our thousands of dear readers feel when picking up a fresh copy. We hope when you peek inside at our content (because you must), you feel the same pleasant surprise as our readers do at the variety and quality of information.
Your surprise must be a little different, because you may be shocked to find that the LGBT population is not full of sex-crazed pedophiles. Not any more than your population, anyway.
Maybe when you curl up with our paper you’ll read the international news that Rex Wockner compiles every week and discover that conversations about LGBT’s are happening around the world, too.
Or maybe you’ll read about the very busy people in our state who work in nonprofits, feed and shelter homeless youth, prevent HIV- you know, everyday hero stuff like that.
Or perhaps you’ll take a gander at our fantastic and full entertainment section, reading about the famous authors, actors and musicians who are gay or gay-friendly. There’s kind of a lot of them.
You might be surprised that these stories aren’t just puff pieces, that they ask the necessary and even critical questions to make a news story as fair as any you’d see in any other paper.
You’ll be happy to learn that we have even more on our website, And if you’d like to talk to somebody about what you read in our paper or online, you can look at the thoughtful insights from our Facebook fans on our Facebook page. If you want quick updates of our latest stories, you can always follow us on Twitter @YourBTL.
( We also hear that stealing computers is a much more serious offense and may even carry some legal repercussions. You did know, of course, that stealing free newspapers is not just theft, but a violation of the First Amendment, and that both are punishable offenses… right?)
Oh, another thing: If you’re ganking these papers from a Barnes & Noble in Detroit, don’t be too scared of the elderly man who stares you down as you do it. That’s just Charles, the author who’s written the Parting Glances column for 17 years. He’s a kind and amusing writer who happens to care a lot about this paper and will try very hard to prevent you from taking more than your fair share. He also happens to know a lot about, like, everything, so you might even have an interesting chat with him.
And can we make a request? When you steal our papers and rid yourself of the evidence that you enjoy them, please don’t just throw them in the trash. Please recycle.

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