Heard on Facebook: Gov. Snyder ‘frustrated’ ’bout gays

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What do you make of Gov. Snyder, who’s “frustrated and disappointed” about Michigan offering domestic partner benefits to state employees?

It’s about damn time. He’ll get over it.
– Sue Eisman

Typical straight privileged white guy. The new way to run for office is to have said so little about so many things, that everyone can imagine you’re “not so bad,” until of course we find out (too late) that you don’t know anything at all about most things. Not that I voted for him anyway, but I think this lack of compassion was obvious.
– Steve Duerksen

It’s being taken out of context – he went onto say he was frustrated and disappointed because it was a setback in the budgeting process.
– Anthony Martinez Beven

Snyder’s slant leans on fiscal rather than social opposition. However, I neither understand his opposition nor accept since this is a benefit that should have been already extended to all!
– Ray Magdaleno

Offering domestic partnership benefits is the right thing to do! You will retain top talent, and you will able to attract to talent. Most U.S. companies offer these benefits, and states should as well.
– Daniel Eckenrode

I call BS on the “financial concerns;” if all of the affected people married opposite sex persons there would be twice as many on the books and nobody would say boo. Hey, maybe that’s an idea…
– Cindi Brody

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