What do you think of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church? It says the WBC’s protests at soldiers’ funerals are protected speech.

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I hate the Westboro Baptist Church as much as the next guy, but if I am allowed to say hateful, degrading things toward them, then they should have the right to say what they want to as well. “Hate” speech is still speech. People need to take it as the nonsensical ramblings of deranged sociopaths and quit freaking out so much. Let them wallow in their hate. If you don’t like what they have to say, ignore them, or refute them by saying something hateful in return. I love America because our speech is so free. Censorship in any form is stupid.
-Jay Topham

They have NO right to disturb ANYONE’S funeral. Free speech does not give them an excuse to cause the deceased’s family and friends even more grief. I will bet my bottom dollar if we showed up at Westboro’s front door with all manner of Pride signs we would be arrested on the spot. The Supreme Court justices should be ashamed of themselves – once again. And yes, I am gay – I am also a retired veteran of 24 years of service to this country.
-Jack Miller

Jack, actually the U.S. constitution says otherwise and this is why the court ruled in their favor. While I find their “protests” distasteful and disgraceful, it does not change the fact that they have the right to exercise their right to free speech and peaceful assembly.
-Shannon DuBey

I know the judges ruled according to the Constitution, but it just seems so damn unfair to the families and friends. I do hope the dudes on motorcycles gather with them!
-Jack Miller

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