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A cemetery in Atlanta is planning a special section for LGBT couples, reports The Advocate. Should every state have gay cemeteries?

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Will people have to change the wording of their eulogies from “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” to “mascara to mascara, glitter to glitter”?
-Joseph Waldman

Well, segregation led to peace between blacks and whites, right?
-Scott Francis Longpre

Stupid. Everyone knows sodomites and sinners are buried outside the cemetery.
-Todd Te Adoro Erickson

Don’t the left-handed deserve a section too?
-Steve Duerksen

Well, those lefthanders, they’re just depraved weirdoes and should be burned at a crossroads at midnight.
-Joseph Waldman

How stupid. Maybe everyone should have to fill out a questionnaire (before they die) stating exactly who and what their “neighbors” can be. And then get relocated if/when late-breaking facts come “out.”
-Steve Duerksen

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