Why have a same-sex wedding expo?

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By BTL Staff

ic Updated March 28, 2012

BTL is sponsoring a same-sex wedding expo at the Livonia Marriot on Sunday, April 29, 2012 from 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. It should be a blast: There will be vendors, free drinks and food, music and models. And this year we have added additional features like workshops, video shorts and more entertainment.
But when we announced this on our Facebook page last year, we received some pointed comments: Why would we sponsor a same-sex wedding expo when same-sex marriage is banned in Michigan?
It’s a good question. With several answers.
1. This is a useful way to connect LGBTs with open and affirming vendors. These are business owners who have no problem servicing LGBT clients for any kind of celebration. The event planners at the Marriot have encountered couples who, in the midst of planning a same-sex wedding celebration, were suddenly refused services. One couple even lost their reservation for a hall just weeks before their celebration date because the hall didn’t want to serve a same-sex couple. The photographers, planners, DJs, caterers and stylists you’ll find at the expo will happily provide you with any of their services that you need – for any occasion.
2. One way to signal to our lawmakers and society at large that we want the right to marry is by declaring our lifelong partnerships anyway. Many people who oppose gay marriage often point to the fact that our “lifestyle” is “naturally” more promiscuous, so we’re not even interested in committed relationships. Which is a bunch of nonsense. We’re no more promiscuous than our straight counterparts. We feel the desire to “settle down” with someone we love just as much as straight people do.
3. We can still proclaim commitment to the one we love, and we should be able to celebrate that proclamation, just like any straight couple. Even though Michigan won’t give us the legal right to marry, other states and countries do. We know of many same-sex couples who have chosen to get married in Canada and then have a celebration back home in Michigan. Who cares if our state denies legal recognition?
4. Wouldn’t it be great if business owners started realizing that LGBTs are a wonderful profit booster? If same-sex ceremonies become more popular, and vendors see a boost in sales, those vendors are on our side. Those business owners would be able to say to lawmakers: “Yes, these people want to marry. And it’s really helped my business. So you should just make it legal already!”
So those are the reasons why we’re having a same-sex wedding expo. But these aren’t necessarily the reasons why you should go. You should go because:
1. It’s cheap! $10 to get in ($8 if you pre-register online).
2. That cheap ticket gets you two free adult beverages and a bunch of free food.
3. We’ve got lots of goodies and prizes you can register for, like gift certificates and vacations.
4. BTL staff will be there, and we’re always happy to chat!
We hope to see you there!

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