Poll: A senator who’s speaking at the U-M law school graduation ceremony opposes gay rights, and some students don’t want him to be allowed to speak. What should U-M do?

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Allow the speaker. We all have the right to free speech.
7 votes

Take back his invitation. Gay rights are civil rights.
23 votes

Rather than get him gone, I would rather see nearly the entire student body stand and SILENTLY face away from him during his speech. THAT would send a message, I think. And it would also express MY sentiments, at least: “I understand there are people in the world with your views, but I turn away from you and those views, and I protest that you have a venue for your views while I don’t (YET!).” One could still hear what he’s saying. (It would be) no more disrespectful of HIM than he is of others.
-Steve Duerksen

It’s the students’ graduation, so the speaker should be their choice.
-George Borg

Is he speaking about gay rights? Otherwise, let him speak.
-Billione Multimedia

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