As President Obama addressed the country about Osama bin Laden’s death, people gathered outside the White House, celebrating and singing the national anthem. What are your thoughts?

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Great day for America, great day for the world.
-Holly Weasel

I can care less.
-Geronimo Larson

Not really sure what to think…violence is violence is violence. Is this truly something to be celebrated? Or could our energy be better spent finding peaceful, global solutions to terrorism?
-Lisa Ross

This is a huge moment for Americans, especially those who have lost loved ones through 9/11, terrorism (and) war. Will it end, more than likely not, but it is a hope that we can all wish for and a proud moment for Americans to know that Bin Laden will not be the cause of hurt and pain on U.S. soil again.
-Jenina ‘Sutton’ Halitsky

This person has caused so much death and destruction and conflict that I understand why people celebrate his killing, but I cannot revel with them. Killing a human being is a terrible thing…even if it is necessary. But I’m not going to mourn his passing for a moment.
-Alex Hardesty

Wish I could have been there – what a moment in history.
-Jack Miller

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