After the success in New York, we’re thinking about Michigan. What do you think is the biggest obstacle to marriage equality in our state?

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Narrow-minded politicians and the citizens who vote for them. Also, no support from our governor.
-Johnny Rheaume

Religious ignorance.
-Amy K. Milligan

Put it on the ballot and get the vote out in Detroit, East Lansing, Flint and East Grand Rapids and you stand a chance.
-Kolleen Wilson

The bad economy and the Republican leadership. Having a bad economy means everyone is more worried about money than they are about queer issues.
-Vanessa Vojinov

The very vocal and well-funded conservative organizations that spread propaganda about the dire consequences. I think the more places that allow marriage equality, the easier it will be to convince the fair-minded people of Michigan to vote for it. I do not believe spending a great deal of money is the answer to changing the minds of people to vote for progressive issues, I think one-on-one conversations are most likely to be successful in changing the inertia to keep things as they are. Propaganda will convince people to vote against change, but is much less successful in persuading them to vote for change.
-Bob Bond

The need for MORE straight allies to show support and unite with our cause.
-Bill Jefferson

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