The Bachmann “pray away the gay” clinic is the latest glitter bomb victim. Is glitter bombing making a statement…or making us look silly?

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I thought glitter makes your day better?
-Jessica Ann Grant

It simply reinforces the GLBT stereotype and makes us look foolish. It does nothing to further our quest for equality.
-Jack Miller

I dont know, it would have personally made my day amazing if someone walked into my work and threw glitter around while playing Gaga.
-Jessica Ann Grant

Well, this is a hard call. I agree, it does reinforce the stereotype but that’s the point of it is to make them look gay. Now, I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I chuckle at it, well, because they deserve it, but we do need better ways of dealing with things…so I’m pretty split here.
-Carla Hallman

My vote is “silly.” Kind of plays into stereotypes.
-Jeanne Ruzzin

I think that it is all about diversity of tactics. We need the glitter just as much as we need to write to our legislators, just as much as we need to organize and march, and just as much as we need to do the million other things that we do to take action. The glitter is just a part of a larger whole.
-Kate Coenen

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