Bisexual people really DO exist, says a new study. What are you thoughts?

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Glad that’s all cleared up.
-Melinda Graczyk

And please, folks, don’t dismiss bisexual women as “bar-sexuals” or bi-curious drunks. I’ve been bi as long as I’ve been sexual. And I always will be. Thank you, and goodnight.
-Lynda Schrecengost

It’s irritating to me that a study has to be done to confirm the existence of bisexual people. Can’t we all just get along and accept each other however we identify? No one should have to prove anything.
-Jessie Pegg

All these years I thought I was make-believe…
-Mallory Sly

This really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, perhaps maybe the willfully ignorant, which is why it’s nice to have a little scientific study … Although we all know that many willfully ignorant individuals discount science.
-Michael Hill

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