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What do you think about the controversy over “Dancing With The Stars” contestant Chaz Bono – all because he’s the first transgender person on the show?

By | 2018-01-15T18:37:08-05:00 September 15th, 2011|Opinions|

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Great for visibility for transgender folks and for the AFA (this will ensure ALL Americans know what despicable bigots they are).
-Quinn Phillips

I feel like dancin’ dancin’…dancin’ the night away! Go Chaz!
-Cindy Stiles

Chaz is the first transgendered contestant that we know about. There may have been others.
-Cristy Cardinal

It’s totally a fabricated issue about an unimportant TV show, both of which are designed to distract us from real issues.
-Alex Hardesty

He is there to dance plain and simple. Let him have fun.
-Tobey Brock

In the best of worlds, it would be a NON-issue.
-Jack Miller

He might do a two step. OH MY GOD. Sheesh.
-Frank Vaca

The bigots are bringing more attention to the fact that Chaz is transgender than if he was just on there dancing, soo … yeah … thanks for bringing the issue into the show and hopefully everyone will see how non-issue it is and prove to the protestors how close-minded they really are being.
-Wendy Meier

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