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We’re sad to report that a New York teen who made an “It Gets Better” video committed suicide.

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That breaks my heart and angers me all at once!
-Maria Martinez

This is heartbreaking.
-Robert Adamson

I keep saying: “It Gets Better” is bullshit. It does not go nearly far enough. It is time for us all to stand up. There are more of us. There always was, but we sat in fear.
All evil needs is for one good person to remain silent!
Speak up! It is contagious. When people see you doing it they will join in!
-Princess Markey

Right on, Princess M! I have lived by this rule my whole life and will till I die. Get involved! People stay in their safe place so not to be the target – well that’s BS. The bully counts on people doing that. Stand up for yourself and others, and others will follow!
-Charlotte Cromie

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