The Rev. Mark Bidwell has resigned from the Metropolitan Community Church following a sex-and-drug scandal. What are your thoughts?

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Just goes to show that religious hypocrisy is not limited to hetero churches.
-Mark Sartor

We as humans fall prey to error daily! How about let’s pray for him. I know somebody prayed for me in my foolish errors!
-Jay Gold

My thoughts and prayers are with Mark and his family. He’s a great guy and has been an amazing friend and pastor to many in their time of need. I hope in his time of need folks don’t forget all he’s done and turn their backs on him – he deserves better. I wish him the best of luck with his treatment and recovery – I will be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers.
-Gregory Varnum

Very sad indeed! Not to mention how undeniably embarrassing for our LGBT community at large – even “The Daily Mail” in the U.K. has a story on this. UGH!
-Jeff Newman

Oh please. The straight Christian community has done far worse. Start being Christian and treat Mark as a human being who made a terrible mistake.
-Dan Scaife

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