• Lionesses from “The Lion King” musical. Photo: Broadway in Detroit.

5 Queer Things You Can Do Right Now: See a Broadway Show, Take in Some Online Healing, Celebrate Women and Jazz

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Here’s to a new year and a new COVID strain! Right? Of course, an ongoing pandemic is not ideal, but it’s not going to halt our joy. 

You’ll find plenty of safe and virtual events to keep the good times going, from a six-time Tony award-winning musical to a virtual support group focused on healing. Keep these five queer-friendly events on your radar:

1. Experience Disney’s “The Lion King” at The Opera House

Lionesses from “The Lion King” musical. Photo: Broadway in Detroit

Explore “the circle of life” in this six-time Tony award-winning musical. For a limited run, Disney Theatrical Productions and Broadway In Detroit bring “The Lion King” to the Detroit Opera House. Jan. 27 to Feb. 20, experience the musical adaptation of the 1994 Disney classic. Watch as Simba, a young lion prince who must come to terms with his past, navigates through growing pains. In an excerpt from the book “The Lion King: Pride Rock on Broadway,” Julie Taymor, the original musical director, said that the stage format adds time to “deepen” Simba’s character while also highlighting his “arduous path” to self-discovery. A negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination is required for entrance. 

Visit Broadway in Detroit’s website for more information. 

2. Heal from Religious or Spiritual Trauma

Photo: Sidney de Almeida

Ditch the archaic practices, step out of your compromising religious shackles, and embrace a safe LGBTQ+ space. Affirmations’ weekly recurring group Healing from Religious and Spiritual Trauma is a virtual meetup for LGBTQ+ individuals navigating their spiritual and religious journeys. Brenden Bell, the group’s facilitator, spent most of his life in ministry and decided to start this group after his religious path started to “feel damaging.” “I felt like for myself, when I was coming out, there weren’t a lot of spaces or resources for queer people struggling with their religious identity,” he said. “[I wanted] to provide…a space to process it all.” 

The virtual support group meets from 6:30-7:30 p.m. every Wednesday. Email [email protected]Affirmations.org for the link. 

3. Soothe Yourself With Art and Sound Healing

A previous Art and Sound event. Photo: Rob Meyer-Kukan

As we look ahead to a potential third year of living through a pandemic, it’s impossible not to feel some stress. Take time to focus in and decompress with the serene hymns of a singing bowl and art at the Ann Arbor event, Art and Sound Healing. Whitepine Studios and 7 Notes Natural Health, an LGBTQ-owned sound studio, have partnered to bring a meditative approach to group painting. “Art and Sound is sort of a meditative focus on paint and pours…[that] deepens [the art and sound] practice,” said Rob Meyer-Kukan, owner of 7 Notes Natural Health. Kaili Dence, creative director and co-owner of Whitepine Studios, will lead the group in painting while Meyer-Kukan delivers soothing sounds from his singing bowls. 

The event runs 7-8:30 p.m. on Jan. 22. Go to Whitepine Studio’s website to register.

4. Watch Freeform’s ‘Single Drunk Female’

Photo: Freeform

Living is a trip. Freeform’s “Single Drunk Female” reminds us of the nuisances and messiness of being human. After an embarrassing drunk scene at her job — a New York media company — alcoholic and 20-something Samantha Fink, played by Sofia Black-D’Elia, is forced to sober up to avoid jail. Out actress Rebecca Henderson plays Olivia, an out lesbian, who crosses paths with Fink at their AA meetings. 

Back-to-back episodes premiere on Jan. 20 on Freeform and are available to stream starting Jan. 21 on Hulu

5. Champion for Women at Ellen Rowe’s DIA Performance

Ellen Rowe. Photo: Smokin’ Sleddog Records

A night of serenading for women — and only women. What’s not to love? For the Detroit Institute of Arts’ weekly event, Friday Night Live, jazz pianist Ellen Rowe will be delivering her compelling album “Momentum — Portraits of Women in Music.” Attendees can indulge in original music rendered by eight women jazz artists. The night and project will honor female trailblazers in various fields that have inspired Rowe in multiple mediums such as jazz, politics, social justice, environmental advocacy and sports. 

Rowe’s performance starts at 7 p.m. on Jan 28. Go to DIA’s website for more information.

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