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Harness your creative genius with the right fuel

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by Ellen Livingston

When passion, mental clarity and focused energy all come together our creative expression is at its peak. We’re not likely to make major creative breakthroughs when we’re tired, uninspired, feeling foggy or scatterbrained, or in pain or discomfort of some kind. If you want to live an inspired life and spend a lot of time in your creative genius zone, you need to keep yourself feeling good.
There are many spokes in the “wheel of health” that require our dedicated attention, such as healthy food, good sleep, sunshine, fresh air and exercise, loving relationships, beauty, humor, and meaningful creative work that we enjoy. Our health is hampered by any spoke that is out of alignment.
It is a lifetime project to keep all these important requisites of health in balance, a project that requires our constant recommitment if we want to thrive and experience our peak creativity. One spoke is not more critical than another, but the food we choose to put into our body several times every day has a particularly major impact on how we will feel, how well we can function and whether we can tap our genius zone.
Surely you have experienced the dullness of being that follows a very rich or heavy meal, or the mental fog that accompanies a day of eating mostly junk foods. How about a scattered or antsy feeling from refined sugars or stimulants, followed later by a deep tiredness? In these scenarios it is often all we can do just to keep up with the general tasks before us – originality and sustained creative flow is just not happening. Can you imagine the possibilities if instead you were running on the perfect fuel and operating at full capacity, all the time?
There is a perfect fuel for human beings, and it is the fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that nature has provided for us, already in just the right packaging and requiring no further processing for our enjoyment and nourishment. When we consume only the foods our body is biologically designed to digest and utilize, we waste no precious vital energy on inappropriate substances. What does this mean for your creativity? It means that all your faculties will be optimized and harnessed for clear and powerful self-expression and creativity.
As your body cleanses and heals itself once given its proper fuel, it will begin to operate at fuller capacity. As the sludge left from undigested and toxic food-stuffs is gradually cleared away, senses heighten, thoughts become more crystallized and laser-sharp, and energy is freed up. Once some basic, critical healing is attended to, this energy will be yours to use for all your creative pursuits.
In a healthy body that is humming along at a high vibration, laser-sharp mental focus, emotional equilibrium, originality, and powerful creative flow is a natural experience. A low fat raw vegan fruit-based diet is unrivaled in its nutrient density and ease of digestion and assimilation. There simply is no better fuel for optimizing your creative genius.

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