Letter: Time for Rainbow Flu

BTL Staff
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Regarding the article. ‘Gay, You’re Fired!,” we must make the government understand how valuable LGBT workers are! We deserve to be treated equally! We will not allow them to discriminate against us. One way to get this message across is to stage an LGBT strike. When cops want to negotiate they call in sick with the “blue flu.” What if we suggest that all LGBT workers and our allies call in with the “rainbow flu.” We decide on a specific day to call in sick and ask everyone in our community and all of our allies to call in sick. Then let’s see if the state of Michigan could function without all of us. I think that they would find out there are a lot more of us then they ever thought. I know that some people are not out yet and that’s OK. In this case, they are just calling in sick and they don’t have to specifically say it is because of their sexual orientation. There are more of us then they realize and I guarantee that a lot of businesses (including the government) would suffer a hardship. I don’t know what you think of this idea but I feel that this is such an important issue that I couldn’t stand by and not make the suggestion. We have had red shirt days, purple shirt days, and a lot of other subtle protests and it is time for another one because this is such an important piece of legislation that we must do more to fight back then just send a petition. Let’s call in with the “rainbow flu” and let them see just how powerful of a community we are.

Christy Robinson
Michigan resident

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