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Remembering Kameny

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1 Dorothy Gale’s home
5 Like Heidi
10 Pull a boa behind you?
14 “Hey, sailor!”
15 Hoisting device
16 He shot off at O.K. Corral
17 Phi ___ Kappa
18 Judy Jetson’s brother
19 Muscle Marys’ hangouts
20 Kameny helped to get homosexuality declassified as this
23 Reid of _Josie and the Pussycats_
24 Bump off
25 Teahouse garb
28 Many a senator stuck it in him
32 “Six Feet Under” creator Ball
33 Gay activist Kameny
37 Anna, to Jodie
38 Abominable snowman
39 Amounts left on nightstands
40 Biblical plot
41 Coming soon
43 T. Perry’s title
44 Lines through
45 Cruising locale
46 Crack pilot
48 NY hrs.
50 St. Helens and others
51 Clergyman Bean
53 Flat-bottomed receptacle
55 Dick that isn’t a name?
58 The B of B.D. Wong
61 Chief Norse god
62 Margaret Mead topic
64 Composer Edouard
65 Came, to Caligula
66 Circuit party, for example
67 On their field
68 Words said by gazers into crystal balls
69 Roberts of “Charlie’s Angels”
70 “There ___ there there” (Stein)

1 British sitcom “Ab ___ ”
2 “Um, pardon me”
3 Kind of learning
4 1918 novel of 6-Down
5 Promise to give up
6 Author Cather
7 Letters over Mary’s son
8 Give a tongue-lashing to
9 Shakespearean usurer and others
10 Ellen, once of “These Friends of Mine”
11 What you can catch in South Beach
12 Venus de Milo’s lack
13 Family docs
21 Brown in a salon
22 Vardalos of “Connie & Carla”
25 Cold-cocks
26 “The L Word” creator Chaiken
27 Society that Kameny worked with for gay rights
29 Kameny helped to get these repealed
30 Alaskan tongue
31 Lets out
34 One way to have one’s meat
35 “You ___ what you eat”
36 Campbell of “The Company”
42 Average scores for Patty Sheehan
44 Pink Triangle Press publication
47 Many are out of it
49 Layers that got laid a long time ago
52 She got her gun on Broadway
54 Ike’s opponent
55 Rock’s Bon ___
56 Tributes in verse
57 “Rag and Bone” author
58 Like an erection?
59 Sparkle
60 Toy that does tricks
63 Queens on a chessboard, ironically

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