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In last week’s issue, openly gay “Kids in the Hall” comic Scott Thompson told BTL bullied youth need to “grow a pair.” Do you agree?

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I totally disagree and find thee article misogynistic
-Troy Hawkins
I disagree and feel not everyone can grow thick skin.
-Mark Sartor
Telling them to “grow a pair” and learn to fight could make it worse for youth who can’t or won’t fight. It’s victim blaming, which reinforces the link between masculinity, heterosexuality and violence. Even growing a thick skin causes it’s own problems later in life.
-Quinn Phillips
I agree with him. It’s about time someone spoke the truth. I don’t really know if it’s any better if people’s treatment of others is out of legal fear. People need to stop acting like victims.
-George Borg
While I love strong people who fight back against injustice (like Lisbeth Salander in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), I don’t realistically expect every bullied person to be able to do that. Moreover I find the Thompson’s tone incredibly misogynistic. As a woman I have no desire to grow balls. The whole idea of The It Gets Better Project is to encourage young people to reach out for help, not just try to go it alone and take it like a man. Hence, I was happy to help with Ford GLOBE’s It Gets Better effort this summer.
-Cindy Clardy

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