Readers respond: Gov, signs ban on partner benefits for unmarried public employees.

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I hope you’re prepared not to come home to Ann Arbor, because you won’t be comfortable here, (Snyder). You’ve messed with our families, and that is not okay. So don’t count on us being polite. Peaceful, yes. But polite? I don’t think so.
-Charley Sullivan

What are all those gay supporters of this son of a bitch saying now? Virg Bernero might not have been perfect but at least he supported us. Taking all of my graduate school applications out of state; Let the brain drain continue.
-Jena Lewis

Michigan republicans are the vilest creatures I’ve seen lately.
-Jonathan Elyea

Judge this governor on his ACTIONS not his WORDS. He loves to play the harmless-nerd card, but he’s actually a hard-core extremist with a deceptively low-key manner.
-Steve Duerksen

Thank goodness the Governor is keeping his promise of focusing on Michigan’s real problems instead of getting into social issues. It looks like it only took him one year to learn how to become a lying politician. So glad I can say I didn’t choose him to be my leader.
-James Rider

Once again conservatives have their eye on the ball: sex and religion vs. jobs and the homeless.
-Karen Affinito

Can I deploy the same idiot logic and say now is not a good time to be providing benefits to partners of married couples? The state should not promote an institution designed for procreation when there already aren’t enough jobs. We need people to work harder being job creators instead of creating more people to fill those jobs.
-Andrew Bradley

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