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Readers respond: Another gay teen, Phillip of Tennessee, commits suicide over anti-gay bullying.

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Not another; It’s so heartbreaking! What is wrong with people?
-Linda Parr

Bless his heart. It’s so sad that Phillip felt that suicide was his only option.
-Cyndy McNew

Kids in the middle of Nowheresville need to stay in the closet. They read and hear that coming out is a wonderful thing when in fact it can be an invitation to hell on earth if there is no support system for them. It’s irresponsible and dangerous to encourage these kids to come out. They’re getting mixed-messages.
-Todd Erickson

Parents: Do not count on school officials or authorities to protect your children. If they are being victimized without relief, take them out of the damn school. You are the parent and you need to protect your kids. Stop at nothing to protect those you love.
-Jason Vorva

Why are we still putting up with this kind of shit?
-Toni Tripp

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