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Guerrilla in the Midst

By |2018-01-15T17:59:29-05:00March 1st, 2012|Entertainment|


1 Tune type
5 See 48-Across and 57-Across
10 Did the vocals
14 Like Saint Joan, say
15 Speedy train
16 Food thickening agent
17 Julia Morgan wings
18 Ophelia and Hamlet or Claire
19 New Rochelle, N.Y. college
20 International Mr. ___
22 John of _Arthur_
24 Top-flight
25 “Here ___ go?”
26 With 29-Across, Will Ferrell’s humor web site
29 See 26-Across
33 Mil. hangout
34 Suckers
40 Classic TV
41 “West Side Story” gang
43 Be a snitch
44 Places to discover the “gay gene”
45 Lesbos, e.g.
46 Bow on the screen
47 “All ___” (1984 Tomlin film)
48 With 5-Across, Guerrilla TV show
51 “Cancer in Two Voices” co-author Butler
53 Tavern with naked dancers?
56 Fag follower
57 With 5-Across, veteran of the comedy venues of this puzzle
61 Bullring bravo
62 Like phone sex?
64 N.F.L. coach Don
65 Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You ___”
66 It covered Caesar’s Johnson
67 Track athlete
68 First name in Dodger pitching
69 Type of balls
70 Harold’s facial marks in “The Boys in the Band”
71 Poems of Sappho


1 Silverstein of kiddie lit
2 “Baby Doll” band
3 Spanish cooking pot
4 Auden’s first name
5 Former German state
6 Words of empathy
7 Sportscaster Berman
8 Hispanic family org.
9 Chairman Arafat
10 Jack-tar
11 With mouth wide open
12 When doubled, Mork’s good-bye
13 New alum
21 Singer/songwriter Axton
23 Alfred Douglas’ school
26 Honshu peak
27 Treats as a sexual object
28 In the recent past
30 It used to take unwilling men
31 Silo contents, for short
32 Smooth sailing
35 Boys that don’t like girls, and others
36 Hardy cabbage
37 JFK predictions
38 Put into slots
39 Like a debt-ridden top?
42 Tickle pink
44 Theater chain name
49 Threesome for Michelangelo
50 Stud site
51 Doses in the rear
52 Composer Copland
54 “Seascape” author
55 Rods’ partners
58 Like a Marc Jacobs ensemble
59 Oahu dance
60 NY Met or LA Dodger
63 Perry Mason’s field
65 Radley of “To Kill a Mockingbird”

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