Bill Maher tells liberals to accept Limbaugh’s apology. Do you think it looks bad for Liberals to continue to press the issue?

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No, it doesn’t. Accountability is more than an apology. He needs to follow up by changing his behavior and he has not. Additionally, Bill Maher is no friend to women in any case. He was just standing by his fellow misogynist.
-Cristy Cardinal

It wasn’t even an apology.
-Rachel Lutz

I agree with Cristy Cardinal. Even my 5 year old knows that just because she mutters the words “I’m sorry,” that doesn’t mean she is truly apologetic, or that she understands the steps she needs to take to change her behavior. It just means that she knows that people expect to hear you say those words when you have made a mistake.
-Kellie Carbone

I imagine he is sorry. Sorry that advertisers pulled their financial support. To truly mean his apology, he would have to change his misogynistic ideologies that he has aired over a decade. Many make the excuse that he’s just an entertainer. He’s a bigot spreading hatred.
-Shayne Phillips

It was the lamest of non-apologies. And the idea that Limbaugh is going for laughs with his diatribes is outrageous – take one look or listen at him while he’s on a rant and you know he’s not joking. He’s playing to anger, resentment, bigotry, and fear.
-Nancy Squires

You can apologize for something that slips out once, and might seem inadvertent. But this guy doubled down for three days. And then he not only regretted the word choice but it somehow “came out wrong.”
-Steve Duerksen

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