What do you think of the Rutger’s trial verdict and Dharun Ravi’s conviction?

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Very sad. Two lives have been ruined by a senseless act.
-Michael Petroni

How can anyone say they “like” this? A young man is dead and another misguided young man will have to live with the memory of his role in a suicide. Simply sad, no matter how you look at it.
-Kevin Michael Finnegan Brown

He had previously rejected a plea deal that would have spared him any jail time or the threat of deportation, but put him on probation and would have required him to perform community service. The jury’s verdict is just.
-Bradford Neil Ravi

This, like many hate crimes committed by young adults and children, was caused by bias taught by family and peers. No one wins. Many lives are ruined and many dreams will go unfulfilled for both the victim and the perpetrator. I hope that this incident will have the effect of continuing dialogue on both sides. Was the conviction fair? Yes. Was it satisfying? No.
-Dan Scaife

Calling it a “hate crime” is going too far, and I hold out hope that he will not receive the maximum sentence. It’s a tough case, more than impugning one’s right to privacy (a misdemeanor) but in no way equivalent to the violence of a hate crime. I hope the sentencing will reflect the difference. The trial should be a learning moment for all of us, but 10 years in prison is far too harsh a sentence. Definitely a “no win” situation for our legal system and all parties involved.
-Keith Hewitt

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