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Puccini for Crossword Fans

By |2018-01-16T06:59:16-05:00March 29th, 2012|Entertainment|


1 One way to have one’s meat
5 Group of discussion groups
11 Self-description from one’s knees?
15 Molecule part
16 Fixed up
17 Wang in fashion
18 Question from _Puccini for Beginners_
21 Musket attachment?
22 The Windy City, to Judy Chicago
23 Org. for bears
24 Hose woes
26 Homophone for hairy ones
28 Jodie Foster’s “Little Man ___ ”
29 In-flight
35 In case
36 Choice piece of meat
39 Start of the answer to the question
43 Everest is on its border
44 Barrie buccaneer
45 It arouses you in bed
47 Hammer type
49 Susie Bright, to erotica
50 Cont. of Chad
51 Theodore of kids books
56 “Out” in “The Sound of Music””
57 End of the answer to the question
62 O’Neal of “The Bad News Bears”
63 Airline to the land of the cut
64 Towels off
66 Pump handle
67 Actor Auberjonois
68 Ready for anything
69 Stimulates oneself, with “off”
70 Have top billing
71 Like Oscar of “The Odd Couple”


1 Most like hard-core porn
2 She sprang from the head of Zeus
3 Greet with loud laughter
4 Mouth-to-mouth pro
5 Bear up there
6 Fashion line?
7 Slight advantage
8 We, to “Fifty Million Frenchmen”
9 Irish pop singer
10 It’s hard and woody
11 College wall climber
12 “___ the Ides of March”
13 Uses a rubber
14 Most happy about orientation?
19 Powers that be
20 Neighbor of Kan.
25 Hit the ceiling
27 Acid neutralizer
29 Utterance at a gay rodeo
30 Roadside stops
31 Regard as
32 R.E.M.’s “It’s the End of the World ___ Know It”
33 “Aren’t ___ lucky one!”
34 Classic auto
37 Homeland of the Singing Nun (abbr.)
38 Learning inst.
39 Not any other
40 Lily Tomlin’s Ernestine, for one
41 Writer Barney, and others
42 Suit bottom
43 Eavesdropping org.
46 Woolf’s ” ___ Dalloway”
48 A porn star may have a big one
49 Fairy’s cousin
52 Big-mouthed pitchers
53 Place to stop when cruising
54 Her name is Alexander
55 Conger hunter
58 “Gag me with a spoon!”
59 Med. care grps.
60 Grocers who sell this have balls
61 First name in mystery writing
62 Atlantic City attraction, with “the”
65 Place for porking?

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