What do you think of the controversy “Growing Pains” star Kirk Cameron ignited when he said that being gay was “unnatural” and “destructive”?

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“Unnatural” and “destructive?” Kind of like his acting. HEY-OHHH
-Chaz Brackx

He’s a little homoskeptical in my opinion.
-Curtis Ray

To be totally fair though, is any kind of marriage really “natural”? Maybe I’m wrong on this, but I’ve always thought it was an invention of human civilization. Are there other animals out there in nature performing heterosexual weddings? And no, the Kermit/Miss Piggy wedding doesn’t count.
-Chaz Brackx

He also doesn’t believe in evolution, so I’m not sure he’s the best to comment on what’s natural and what’s not.
-Enku Occupy Ide

It’s also unnatural to be a highly paid actor. Anyway, heterosexual marriage was not “the underpinning of Western civilization for 2,000 years,” so much as slavery and women-as-property was.
-Steve Duerksen

I never heard homosexuals spend so much time talking about what goes on in a heterosexual bedroom. Who the hell cares!
-Young Latta

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