“Bully” victory…? The controversial film is NOW rated PG-13, but at the price of censorship. What do you think?

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Hate censorship of any kind but think the message of this movie and the public buzz created by the issue is worth the sacrifice. The original, intended cut will be available at some point too I assume.

-Kevin Stapish

The movie’s producers decided to alter the content to match the rating they wanted. This has nothing to do with censorship. Any adult is allowed to see any movie he/she wants to in this country. The rating system is in place to help people make choices for their kids. I don’t agree with the rating system all the time but it’s usually pretty on the mark and I appreciate that it exists.

-Paul McIntyre

What the director did with this movie makes him an absolute hero. That he made it possible for young people to see this movie will definitely save someone’s life. I hope schools end up taking field trips to see it. Hopefully it will make a difference to many people who need to know that their actions hurt and to others that they can overcome.


This is great news!

-Mark Sartor

Why they (the Weinsteins) even resisted doing this is beyond me. The more kids that see this movie the better. There’s a time for standing on principle and a time for doing the greater good.

-Rose Tyler

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