Heard on Facebook: One Million Moms outraged over a same-sex kiss in Urban Outfitters

BTL Staff
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It looks as if Urban Outfitters is using the photograph to appeal to young men who want to watch two women kiss. When that’s the intent, we can forget about the photo being a statement in favor of LGBT rights. It’s just erotica, which some people appreciate and others don’t. Given the company’s right-wing background, LGBT activists should take offense at this.
-Ann Mason

Why make a big issue out of something that isn’t that big of a issue? It’s not as if it was in a Toys R Us catalog. How stupid!
-Jeffrey Olivier

That’s just because it turned their husbands on.
-DL Brandon

Big deal! Two chicks kissing! People are killing people for no reason all over the world! Get your priorities straight, OMM.
-Matteo de Girolamo

Sounds to me like Richard Hayne just wants to fly on the propaganda to make a buck, especially after reading this article… The man is a greedy American exploiting the plight of a group of Americans to benefit himself.
-Deborah R. Hartman Hammons

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