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Heard on Facebook: NBC orders a gay family comedy from Ryan Murphy. The plot: heartwarming comedy about a blended family of a gay couple and the woman who becomes a surrogate to help them have children. What do you think?

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I shudder at the thought to see what this show is going to be like. Try as they might, TV just doesn’t get “gay” right. I guess the problem is, in reality, most gay people are just living their lives like every other boring person (albeit with a bit more “flair”) and to make it “work” for TV, they need to highlight some of the more extreme personality types. Sigh.
-George Kitchens
Love the idea!
-Nick Maniaci
Excellent. Now if NBC and Murphy can show some balls, this show can (among other things) reprise Archie Bunker, for much fun and some controversy.
-Steve Duerksen
Could be a winner; all depends on the dialogue.
-Jeanne Ruzzin
I like the idea as well, but why do we have to be portrayed as the perfect “family” with two kids, a dog and a white picket fence? Will & Grace didn’t have any children until the final episode when they were all old and their children were grown. That was a great comedy show. Don’t get me wrong – I love kids. My partner and I have three adult children and six grandkids and I love them all. However, we aren’t on TV for the whole world to see. Thank god!
-John N. Gibbs III

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