Reports are saying local LGBT communities are stepping up the pressure on politicans to follow Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage. Do you think Obama’s announcement could play a key role in the tide turning?

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Maybe in the deep South where religion trumps all else, but not so much in the rest of the country where people are trying to find a job or save their home from foreclosure.
-Ken Warnock

I think the states will look at it differently now.
-Jeremy Mcconnell

His stance could play a key role, because he has the power to say, “It is unconstitutional to pass legislation that prevents/withholds rights.” I haven’t heard him playing the hand he is actually dealt being the head of the executive branch. The fact is, it’s not a matter of “could,” but of “should.” He IC SHOULD be changing these things at local and state levels, because it’s a federal issue directly connected to the Bill of Rights.
-Shelby Clark

It’s a ploy to gain support during an election year. He’s changed his position from four years ago. The decision should not be up to the government. It’s a social issue. Social issues have no place in a civic realm. I personally believe the government shouldn’t recognize any marriages, gay or straight. But since they are, banning marriages amounts to state sanctioned discrimination. Gay marriage needs to be decriminalized.
-Jay Topham

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