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What’s a Matzo

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1 Hazard for Sheehan
5 Like some division
9 “Ed Wood” role
13 Gauche side, for Debussy
14 New Age music superstar
15 “Phantom” scar source
16 Start of a Fay Jacobs saying about matzo
19 F.D.R. or J.F.K., e.g.
20 City of Capote’s birth
21 Sked info
22 Home state of J. Nabors
23 “… farewell, auf Wiedersehen, ___”
24 Uncool sort
26 Chat rm. exaggeration?
29 Muscle Mary’s weight training unit
30 Disaster sorting
33 Appear to be
36 More of the saying
39 Responder to “Bite me!”?
40 The “former next president”
43 Present mo.?
46 “___-hoo! Fellas!”
48 Clay Aiken was almost one
49 Flee to a same-sex marriage state
52 Neighbor of Mex.
55 Verb ending
56 Church member named for a member?
59 “Culpa” starter
60 End of the saying
62 A little behind
63 Lickety-split (abbr.)
64 Sgt. Snorkel’s pooch
65 Marvel Comics superhero
66 ___ guys (Robin Hood’s men?)
67 One with a foamy head


1 Neptune’s tool
2 Rosie’s WWII job
3 Prayer to the Queen of Heaven
4 White House souvenir
5 Fair kind of playing field
6 Like unrequited loved
7 “Eli’s Coming” songwriter Laura
8 Teri of “Tootsie”
9 Worked the hayfields
10 It may cream your face when you bite it
11 Mortgage holder
12 Comes out correctly
17 Bambi character that wasn’t horny?
18 Slangy intensifier
25 Mild oath
27 Data transmission letters
28 Ward of _Once and Again_
31 MD for women
32 Auction web site
34 Subj. for those of a different tongue
35 Threesome who went to see Mary
37 From ___ Z (the whole shebang)
38 Anal type?
41 Tinged with pink
42 She loved Franklin and Lorena
43 Treat, as seawater
44 Christian name of the half-brother of Chaz
45 Open one’s eyes
47 One who’s wanted
50 Juice, so to speak
51 Bowie collaborator
53 Oozes through
54 Caligula’s arts
57 Ask for it while kneeling
58 Cushiness
61 Choreographer Fosse

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