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A new study from the University of Padova, Italy claims mothers and maternal aunts of gay men tend to have significantly more offspring. Scientists participating in the research claim this may explain how genetic homosexuality is passed on to the next generation. What do you think?

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“Why do they have to do studies to see why people are gay? We’re gay and we love it! Find out why people are assholes instead.”
-Kyle Durkin

“This study is fundamentally flawed from its very theoretical bases. It assumes, for one, that there is one type of “gay” according to their population sample that they then extend to generalize for humanity broadly speaking. Along these same lines, although I am still waiting for the actual study to be published so I can examine it further, it seems that there is no account for historical or cross-cultural variation in same-sex sexualities … something that would absolutely change the results of this study if taken into account. I’ll be writing up a more detailed response to this piece once I get a copy of the study. There’s much more to say.”
-Greg Storms

“I often thought there was a reason why homosexuality wasn’t eliminated by evolution. Now I know the reason: another great trade off by Mother Nature!”
-Manus Nemeth

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