Does GM’s Chevy Volt ad, viewed 11 million times throughout social media, signal a return to advertising toward gay and lesbian buyers?

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Straight men have had car ads aimed at them for decades. Is it really so wrong for some ads to be aimed at people who aren’t straight?
-Johnathan Ammons

The American Family Association (mentioned urging individuals to boycott Chevy) has also urged its constituents to boycott Home Depot and Target as well for their gay friendly customer support. The AFA is today’s version of the Nazi thugs who in 1934 stood outside of Jewish businesses holding signs, “Don’t Buy from Jews.” AFA version: “Don’t Buy from Companies Who Support Gays.”
-Charles Alexander

A good idea on GM’s part. 5% of the potential buyers is a large market and it takes minimal changes to the material so it’s very cost effective.
-Mike Bauer

They probably shot themselves in the foot with that. The other 95% won’t buy it now.
-Rick Carra

Exactly, Rick! Just like how the other 95% won’t shop at Target or Home Depot and won’t buy Oreos!
-Johnathan Ammons

Given that some alternative fuel vehicles are more expensive than their gasoline counterparts, it seems pretty smart to make sure that groups with more disposable income (and more social consciousness too) are aware that the Volt exists.
-Eric Levy

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