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Hungry4Equality: Strikers Quotes Week 2

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“I’m tired of congress creating laws that identify me as a less important member of society. It’s important to me to stand up for what I believe in so things can start to change here in Michigan.”
– Alex Allen

“The hunger strike is enlightening our communities and our allies that LGBT people do not have the same rights they do. Striking demonstrates exactly how important equality is to me.”
-Jeffery Oliver

“I think people need to carefully weigh their vote to ensure they don’t support someone trying to deny rights or screw over a close family member. I pay taxes too and I’m tired of not having the same benefits and laws. I’m not asking for special rights, I just want the same rights straight people have.”
– Jon Piechota

“All people should be aware about the anti-gay discrimination in this state. Much of this legislation gets passed because we do nothing. Today, I’m doing something!
– Deb Holbrook

“Life in Detroit is hard, yet rich with opportunity. My participation in the Hungry4Equality Campaign is an opportunity to make sure today’s youth don’t fall prey to empty hope.”
– Nkosi Figueroa

“I pay taxes and contribute to society, so at the very least I would expect to have the same rights as everyone else. Not in Michigan. Apparently my ability to pay my taxes on time and positively contribute to society aren’t as important as who I’m attracted to. Since when does sexual orientation have anything to do with creating a balanced budget?”
– Jonathan Laye

“I feel it is morally wrong that my community is still treated like second class citizens in 2012. Pop culture figures like Britney Spears, Kristin Stewart and Miley Cyrus make a mockery out of the so called institution of marriage. Yet, gays and lesbian are morally forbidden to marry based on the laws of the same church that allows this behavior to continue. I ask you – how is that fair and just?”
– Mark McMillan

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