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Hungry4Equality: Week 4

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Day 22 – Tobias Davis
quote: During the past 17 years I’ve been out, I have been shunned, rejected, assaulted, and experienced many other negative issues as a result of me being open about my sexuality. Although I know that being open and gay is not easily accepted, I feel that I should be accepted as I am! In no way am I trying to force who I am down anybody’s throat – I just want to enjoy the same rights as if I were straight.

Day 23 – Tom Zerafa
quote: I am only one of many who are making a public statement that the persecution of my entire LGBT family has got to stop. Our state and federal government cannot continue to use and uphold laws that make an entire population less than equal in the whole of humanity.

Day 24 – Rev. Jim Lynch
quote: The ongoing oppression both active and passive of LGBT people is morally reprehensible and needs to end. Truth and justice will win out.

Day 25 – Charles Pugh
quote: It was an honor to join the movement for Equality that Affirmations helped to start. 24 hours was a small sacrifice for a huge issue that requires a full commitment from each of us. Let’s keep the momentum going, so that one day we won’t have to protest for our rights–we will have fought and won them.

Day 26 – D’Anne Witkowski
quote: Equality isn’t going to come to us, we have to drag it kicking and screaming into the light. It’s not going to be easy, but we already know what the alternative is, and it’s unacceptable.

Day 27 – Shelly Beaudoin
quote: Being a striker allows me to really give back to my community by supporting equality for all of my neighbors.

Day 28 – Charlie Erikson
I’ve been in protests and rallys and have had my voice heard. Now, as a striker, I can be seen and heard as an individual.

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