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Gay-Straight Alliance

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1 “Gay ___ Sutra”
5 Prickteasers
10 Alpert of “Mame” fame
14 Aladdin or Scheherazade
15 In-your-face
16 Words said near crystal balls
17 Cans, in the UK
18 Word to someone stroking your tummy
19 Mane location
20 Start of a Gore Vidal quote
23 Fill with bullets
24 Sauna bath sites
25 Hard woody nut
27 Sal Mineo’s role in _Rebel Without a Cause_
30 More of the quote
34 Prefix with Stein?
35 Singer Freddie
36 Disencumber
38 Shankar of sitar
40 Subjects of James IV
41 “Move your butt!”
42 Makes a wet blanket
44 Cups and such
45 More of the quote
51 More of the quote
53 Saikaku’s “Gay Tales of the ___ ”
54 End of the quote
57 Picks out, with “for”
59 Traffic cop’s tool
60 Men-only affair
61 Circus sideshow oddity
62 Insurance worker
63 Wang in fashion
64 “I Shot ___ Warhol”
65 Dry runs
66 Treated as a sexual object


1 “Cabaret”‘s Kit-___ Klub
2 Opera queen’s delight
3 Author Thomas
4 When repeated, a Faulkner title
5 They shoot off hot stuff
6 Circumvent
7 Output from small pussies
8 Part of the media
9 G-string wearers
10 Doesn’t quite tell
11 Actor Morales
12 Muscle Mary stat
13 Spelling contest
21 “Air Music” composer Ned
22 Full of four-letter words
25 Ang Lee, for one
26 Screwed up
28 Gives a pink slip to
29 Hunter that comes out at night
31 Atomic energy org.
32 “The Name of the Rose” writer
33 On the other hand
34 Hesitation sounds
37 Orientation determiner, some say
39 WWII battle site, for short
41 Half of a ballroom dance
43 Sinking ship’s call
44 X at a frat party
46 Purity unit
47 It may be spitting
48 Mapplethorpe models, often
49 Randolph Scott’s companion Cary
50 Petite pies
51 Eastern discipline
52 What you do at the other end
55 Internally pink
56 “My stars!”
58 Shade of blue
60 Sex Crimes division, to B.D. Wong

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