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U-M Faculty Panel discusses controversial book “How to be Gay”

By | 2012-09-06T09:00:00-04:00 September 6th, 2012|Michigan, News|

A panel of three U-M professors will discuss a new book by David Halperin, a W.H. Auden Distinguished University Professor of the History and Theory of Sexuality, titled “How to be Gay” on Sept. 11.
“How to be Gay” contends that gayness is a spcific way of being that gay men must learn from one another in order to become who they are. Male homosexuality is a cultural practice, expressive of a unique subjectivity and a distinctive relation to mainstream society. Halperin, maintains that the genius of gay culture resides in some of its most despised features: its aestheticism, snobbery, melodrama, adoration of glamour, caricatures of women, and obsession with mothers. The insights, impertinence and unfazed critical intelligence displayed by gay culture, Halperin argues, have much to offer the heterosexual mainstream.
David Caron, Lisa Disch, Helmet Puff and Halperin himself will discuss the arguments made within the book then turn the discussion over to the general audience. This event is free and open to the public, beginning at 12 p.m. Sept 11 in 2239 Lane Hall, 204 S. State St at U-M, Ann Arbor. For more information, go online to

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